Friday, November 11, 2016

*New Courses Added*

Home Defense Solutions / CQB course added to courses page. Email me to reserve class dates.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Vehicle Movements in Non-Permissive Environs - PART 2

Low profile

Method of Movement

Due to the fact that it is very difficult for a solitary vehicle to defend itself effectively we will create an SOP that all movements will consist of two vehicles, a lead/primary and a follow/secondary. The primary is tasked with accomplishing the "mission" (picking up a local supporter, etc) while the follow vehicle follows at a safe distance (will vary depending on road/traffic conditions) and provides overwatch.

As an example, lets say that your primary vic (vehicle) is heading down a lightly traveled rural highway with follow vic a quarter mile or so behind. On long straight stretches of highway, follow vic would drift back and increase distance, keeping primary in sight. If the road gets congested or starts winding around, follow would close the distance as needed. The goal here is to keep primary in sight (as well as maintaining comms - we will cover that later) without giving away the fact that you are supporting the primary. You also want to stay within the range capability of your weapon systems (not to mention the operator's expertise level).

Lets say that primary vic is stopped by a local gang's roadblock or perhaps a rouge government agent executes a "pull-over". Follow vic would make comms with primary so as to keep an ear on what was happening and either pull over and prepare to support by fire, or rapidly make approach as the situation dictates. Ideally you would have a minimum of two people in each vehicle. The driver focuses on driving and the passenger/TC deals with operations.

This order of movement can also be reversed with the primary in the rear if you have a high-value person or item inside the primary. The lead vehicle would act as a probe or pointman, keeping the primary vic buffered as needed.

Once primary reaches it's target it will notify home/base (using brevity codes unless you are lucky enough to have secure comms). Follow vehicle will park in overwatch or "satellite" the area, depending on the situation. A third vehicle with your QRF (quick reaction force) would be on standby at your home/base for the duration of the mission. In the event that the primary/follow teams need support or rescue the QRF team would launch. The QRF should have your largest vehicle and should be heavily armed. The QRF may need to fill multiple roles including that of ambulance and should have the necessary medical support equipment on board.

Equipping the Rig

We are assuming that you will have only soft-skin (non-armored) vehicles at your disposal as armored vehicles in the US are a rather expensive affair, both in initial cost and upkeep. With that in mind, remember that lacking armor - speed (or mobility) equals security.

This is a basic list for what we would keep in our rigs while operating in said environment:

- Fire extinguisher
- Fix-a-flat and puncture kit (x4)
- Spare tire w/tools
- 110ac power inverter
- binoculars
- seatbelt cutter/window breaker tool
- case of drinking water
- spare magazines for rifles/pistols
- weapons maintenance kit
- basic toolbox
- large bolt cutters
- tow strap/snap-strap
- medical bag
- VS-17 panel (you can make your own if needed)
- IR/WL strobe
- box of caltrops
- smoke grenades (HC and colored)
- road flares
- aerial flare
- spare batteries (for radios, GPS, flashlights, NVGs, etc)
- Jump pack w/air compressor
- compass
- GPS unit
- Radio (GMRS/CB/HAM whatever your unit is using)
- Scanner/Bearcat
- solar charger (for 12v system)
- shovel/pick/e-tool
- poncho liner (especially if in a cold climate)
- lighters/matches
- spare engine fluids
- come-along (if vic does not have a winch)
- gas can
- roll of dark fabric screen or mesh and clothespins
- windshield blocker/dash saver
- Optional - camo netting large enough to cover rig if you need to cache
- and of course, duck tape and 550 cord
Useful but overt bag - consider civilian bag with internal pouches
You can tailor this to fit your needs, but this will give you the basic necessities to keep the vehicle rolling in a bad situation. All "tactical" items such as magazines and long guns should be out of sight to someone walking around the outside of the vehicle. It goes without saying that tinted windows are a huge plus.

Keep in mind this list is separate from your personal go-bag, which may contain some of these items as well.


Next article will cover dressing for success.

- Dressing around your equipment
- Low profile fundamentals/establishing baseline
- Long gun storage and deployment
- Body Armor

Soft skin vehicle aftermath - bad day for them

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Vehicle Movements in Non-Permissive Environs - PART 1

There could shortly come a time when a mundane task such as driving into town to pick up a family member could become a seriously dangerous activity. Some of us are used to this concept as we performed it routinely overseas as part of a military unit or a clandestine services unit.
The military unit will for the most part roll out in a heavy or overt-profile; meaning part of the psychological strategy is visibly projecting force....the "you don't want none of this" approach. This approach may work depending on the METT-TC or environmental/situational reality. As many a soldier has learned, in a warzone, this can make you a rather juicy target. This could also be applied to a domestic "grid-down/WROL/SHTF" scenario.  The clandestine operator will generally follow a policy of low-profile (or no-profile), meaning they seek to blend into the local environment as neatly as possible. This is for a couple of reasons, most of which should be obvious but lets examine a few.
Decidedly overt ODA gun truck

1. Unlike a military unit with air assets and support forces, the ClanOps generally have very limited, if any support (usually limited to other members of their homogeneous unit).

2. It is usually imperative to the successful outcome of their operation that they draw little if any attention to themselves.

3. A military vehicle patrol/convoy/truck team can have anywhere from 12 men to company strength, while the ClanOps will generally have 2 to 5 men.

4. Military units will move in armored vehicles whenever possible (almost exclusively anymore), while a low-profile armored vehicle may not be available for the ClanOps or fit within the mission parameters.

Where am I going with all this?

The ClanOps model is a logical model for the aforementioned SHTF scenarios we may face domestically. Most of us are going to be limited in manpower to our family/friends or neighborhood defense team members. We want to avoid drawing attention and avoid getting into pitched battles as much as possible. Where as before we could simply jump in the car and head into town for groceries, in this scenario we will need to start each movement with a plan and movement brief.

Your planning area should include large and small scale maps of your AO (area of operations) and extra maps for extended movements out of area. Ideally your maps would have overlays that indicate the following:

1. Heavy traffic areas
2. Dead ends and choke points (avoidance of likely ambush points)
3. Government/Military facilities
4. Traffic cameras
5. Medical facilities (hospitals, pharmacies, veterinary clinics)
6. Fuel points (public, government, commercial)
7. Resupply areas (stores, caches)
8. Known trouble areas (to be updated daily)
9. Lay-up points / safe-houses

It should also include a radio scanner tuned to all local emergency frequencies, base station units for your particular radio system, cell phones, computers with area webcam feeds/traffic cams and any other comms items you deem necessary.

As part of your pre-movement brief you would draw your primary route, as well as secondary and tertiary routes. You would also label your phase lines or check points as well as your timelines for departure/arrival/return. This gives your backup team/QRF a better idea of where to find you if lines of communication break down.

In the follow-on articles we will discuss:

- Equipping the vehicles
- Maintenance tasks
- Emergency action plans
- Communications
- Personal gear/weapons configurations for low-profile
- Quick Reaction Force duties

Configuring locally sourced vehicles to meet the mission

Monday, October 3, 2016

SEPIO Laptop Details

As many of you know, I have been working on a secure laptop project for the last three years. As all of us increasingly rely on our personal computers for everything from shopping to communication to news and information, it became clear to me that there needed to be a safer option than Windows and Mac, yet still be simple and easy to use. I give you the first version of the SEPIO privacy conscious computer.

Currently I am offering it in 15.6 inch and 13.3 inch versions. The hardware may vary slightly due to availability, but will all be of comparable speed and quality.

Current specs on both models:

- i5-6200U CPU (or comparable AMD cpu)
- 500GB hard drive
- 1920x1080 screen (15.6" model), 1366x768 (13.3" model)
- Touchscreen

The RAM can be upgraded to 16GB on request and the HD can be upgraded to a fast 1TB 7200rpm or SSD as well.

The operating system:

- SEPIO OS with Grsecurity/Pax hardened kernel
- Locked BIOS, hard drive and bootloader
- Full disk encryption with AES-256-XTS
- Sandboxing of programs
- Custom firewall
- Built in VPN, TOR, Zeronet and I2P
- Virtual TOR router and workstation
- Software defined radio suite
- Hardened browser and mail client
- Extensive security tools suite
- Crypto wallets (Cloakcoin, Bitcoin, Dashpay, Ethereum, Shadowcash)
- and much more...

Essentially, this is the computer I wanted for myself.

It comes with an RF blocking travel case and cover for the webcam.

Until I get the store page updated, you may order simply by emailing me with your desired model and any customizations you want.

Cost is $950 and $35 for shipping (ask if you need special shipping).
Like my other devices, it is shipped in a locked state and sealed in tamper evident RF blocking container.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

UPDATES - Secure Phone, GroundRod 2, Secure Laptop

So, I have been busy the last several weeks. Here is what's coming up.....

1. The GroundRod Primer in Central Washington State is a go for 17-18 SEP. This will probably be the last Primer before GroundRod 2 starts up. Email if you want to secure a seat.

2. My secure phone project is done (finally). The VERUS 1 is a privacy conscious phone with state of the art hardware. It sports a 6 inch HD screen, quad-core processor and 3GB of system RAM. The VERUS OS is built on AOSP and CM with anything Google removed from the system. It features a lot of the security tools that the LIBERTAS tablet had, plus some new goodies. I will get full specs and pictures posted shortly.

3. I am wrapping up the secure laptop project right now. The first SEPIO laptop run will feature a high end AMD CPU, 16GB RAM, HD screen and 1TB hard drive. The SEPIO OS is a hardened system based on Linux. It provides maximum physical and web facing security as well as an extensive suite of cryptography tools and secure communication options. Despite all this I have managed to keep the system simple and easy to use for people new to linux based systems. You can watch movies, play music and surf the web via TOR/I2P/VPN on a hardened and sandboxed browser. There is nothing on the market right now that even attempts to come close to this level of security.


I am sure everyone has heard by now that the US government is about to turn the control of the internet over to the UN/ global entities. We saw this coming a long time ago which is why I have been pushing so hard on this subject the last couple years. You need to learn and practice these skills while you still have a chance. Make no mistake, they aim to seriously clamp down on internet free speech.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Wyoming GroundRod

If we can get a few more interested parties, I can schedule a Wyoming course for this month.

Let me know...

Saturday, July 30, 2016

More GroundRod

Upcoming GroundRod Primer in central Washington State, September 17-18.

I have available class dates for the month of August if there are enough interested parties. I have requests for Wyoming, Florida, Oregon and Ohio, but do not have the minimum student requirements as of yet.

GroundRod 2 is almost ready to go. So get ready......

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Internet Regulation Coming

This has been in the works for a while and looks to be bearing down on us all very shortly.

Regulation of internet

Learn the skills needed to navigate the web despite government's efforts to lock it down and stifle free speech. will only get worse....

Thursday, June 23, 2016

GroundRod Primer - California

When: 9-10 July

Where: Sacramento Area

Cost: $350 ( You can send your $100 deposit to secure your seat on the Store page)

Bring: Laptop, 3 USB flash drives (4-8GB), note taking material.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

They Will Not Stop

Senate Falls 1 Vote Short of Giving FBI Access to Browser Histories Without Court Order

Internet Provider Gagged for Decade Reveals What FBI Wanted Without Warrant

China Cyber Attacks on U.S. Targets

Proposed legislative changes that will increase law enforcement’s ability to hack into computers


Learn the skills to defend yourself now, before it gets worse......because it will.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

California Class

I am looking to schedule a GroundRod Primer course for the Northern/Central California area in the next 2-3 weeks. If you are interested email me directly as I am still working on a host.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Student Course Reviews from Texas, Georgia & Arizona Classes

Some recent reviews from students on the GroundRod Primer course...


I've been waiting since June 2013, and the initial Edward Snowden revelations of massive unconstitutional surveillance, for this class. I found GroundRod Primer to be an absolutely essential course for American citizens that want to regain privacy in their digital communications. After completing this class, and implementing even some of the recommendations, you will once again be able to express yourself freely via digital comms without the self-censorship that has become increasingly prevalent with the knowledge of illegal government spying. That is a GREAT feeling.

K covered the various types of encryption and the context in which each was most useful. Discussions on the best VPN providers (and why), email providers, passwords and passphrases were very useful. The discussion of crypto-currency was very interesting. K clarified how to best get started with Bitcoin and start using a payment method that cannot be tracked, just like cash in the physical world. Crypto-currency holds much promise in the event of a dollar collapse or bank failure.

The usability of Linux and secure comm tools have dramatically increased since 2014 (kudos to all the open source developers!). K did a great job of walking us through these tools on laptops booted from a USB drive provided for class exercises. The pros and cons of each were discussed so you had a clear idea of the best context in which to use a tool. The class had a good combination of lecture and exercise. While we covered a lot of material I did not feel rushed. This was a class with substance and immediate practical application.

Make the commitment now to attend a GroundRod Primer class in your area. You will not regret it.

OpSec Grandpa


Ground Rod Primer Part I
Phoenix, Arizona June 11 & 12

Why you want this class:
You are an American citizen
You want to protect your assets and rights.
You are a Windows (or Mac) user.
You are Linux user but don't use encryption

Don't take the class if you already work for IRS, FBI or NSA, it'll only make you better.

K, the instructor uses these methods and tools as a professional. Imagine Richard Petty giving defensive driving classes.

The class consists of two eight-hour days, with generous breaks. K takes questions throughout the day. The sessions are conducted in a "lab" format. A concept or topic is presented and software solutions are explained, then students use the software tools. K provides individual coaching to make sure you've grasped the idea. In our class he provided laptops when student's machines stopped working. The instruction is clear, concise but casual. K doesn't talk over you or down to you. You'll get your money's worth.

The class is focused on internet use.
securing your data storage
securing email, file transfer and chat
keeping online traffic private and secure (VPNs)
anonymous web surfing (TOR and Darknet) and commerce (crypto-currency)

The software tools are all Linux-based and available at zero cost. The hard part is knowing which tools to use. K has done the time-consuming work of filtering good from the bad and mediocre. His classroom operating system is pre-loaded and configured on a usb drive, your machine is unchanged. Your outlook will be changed.

Good encryption, properly applied works. K shows how good tools make the job easy. Your part is changing habits and incorporating the tools.

God bless our work,



I recently took the GroundRod Primer course from Combat Studies Group and enjoyed it immensely. I am an Info Security professional with 20+ years of experience in securing corporate networks. The class covers the basics very well and even a experienced guy like me learned a few new things. The class also does a great job teaching a tough, very technical, subject to folks that may only have basic computer skills. In summary, whether you're a seasoned info sec professional or someone just learning computers, you will enjoy this class and learn how to better your personal security.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the class guys!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A re-post for those that missed it...

Brisco strained against his leather collar, seemingly eager to leave the immediate area. Eva's 70 year old fingers snapped back on the disgruntled terrier's leash, but she could certainly understand his unease. Even though the neighborhood “safety checkpoints” had been a part of their daily life for the better part of the year, she never could resolve herself to see them as anything other than a 21st century re-envisioning of cold war east Germany. The pat downs, the scanning and downloading of her cell phone, the x-ray and search of her belongings just to get from one part of town to the other. Of course it was all necessary because of all the “terrorist activity” in the area; or so she was told.

Once inside her apartment, she began what had become a twice a week operation...removing Brisco's ornate leather collar...pulling back the stitching....retrieving the microSD card hidden between the leather laminate and beneath one of the several steel sequins that decorated his collar. She noted the small red sticker attached to the tiny device, indicating that it was a time sensitive message and needed to be passed as soon as possible. She plugged her “special” thumb-drive into her old laptop and turned it on. The system recognized the bootable operating system on the thumb drive and the hardened OS came to life. She entered her passwords and inserted the microSD card. She opened the Truecrypt volume that resided on the micro and observed one file entitled “r6K?q@71”, this meant nothing to her, not that it should have.....while she and several other groups had the monthly passphrase to open the disk itself, the file inside could only be opened by the intended recipient. She typed up her short courier report, which was basically her version of a succinct SALUTE report for the last few days, encrypted it with her PGP key and inserted it into the Truecrypt volume of the micro. She returned the micro to it's furry courier and pulled the thumb-drive from the laptop, causing the computer to scrub it's memory before shutting down.

Eva gathered her things, and with Brisco in tow, headed towards the door, pausing for a moment to look at a picture on the wall. She needed courage right now and looking at the white haired man in the picture that she had shared her life with..... until agents of the regime took him away forever ….refueled her cause and steadied her nerves. Brisco broke her from her thoughts with a muffled woof,  as if reminding her of the time sensitive nature of their mission.
As she and her cohort headed to their dog park rendezvous, she let a half smile show.....lives depended on her, she mattered! – perhaps now more than ever...

This serves as an example for the ongoing COMSEC series. More to follow.......

** Note: Truecrypt is now Veracrypt **

VPN Promo

As many of you know, AirVPN is one of my recommended VPN providers. They are currently having an anniversary promotion until June 12 of 25% off any VPN plan. I encourage everyone to check it out  AirVPN SALE  , they also accept over 15 different crypto-currencies.

And remember...

1) When you connect to purchase a plan, do so via TOR, another VPN or an anonymous computer away from your home internet.

2) Pay with Bitcoin (properly mixed) or other crypto-currency. All that security/anonymity is ruined when you pay with your easily tracked Visa/MC/Bank account.

3) If they want a contact email address, use a seperate anonymous one that you use for nothing else, or better yet, a throw-away one from Yopmail, Guerrilla Mail, etc.

4) Have more than one VPN provider at your disposal.

5) And for the love of ******, use a strong 20 character password or passphrase.


It's "Brave New 1984" folks...............behave accordingly.